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The Foundlings is an Award-Winning, & Kindle Best Selling - Urban Fantasy Paranormal Vampire Series.

What would you do, if the love of your life, was suddenly kidnapped by Nazi vampires and forced to become one of them? What if these same vampires discovered her Jewish heritage and then sentenced her to a permanent death? How far would you go to save her? Would you trade you life for hers?
Find out what happens to Donnie and Abbie in The Foundlings.


The Foundlings book series:
currently has 5 books available out of a planned 9.
Book One: The Foundlings (FREE on KINDLE)
Book Two: The Vampire Manual of the Reich
Book Three: The Beasts Within
Book Four: The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines
Book Five: The Shrouded Sagas
Compendium One: The Lost Librams




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Principal Stinson - 17%
Mr. Simmons - 6.4%
Punu - 4.3%

Total votes: 47