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The Foundlings

Foundling: A Vampire caused by accidental means

Throw together Nazi Vampires, Jewish Vampires, and one very special protective Vampire who is 1000 years old; and you have the makings of an explosive  and riveting story.

What would you do, if the love of your life, was suddenly kidnapped by Nazi vampires and forced to become one of them? 
How would you feel if these same vampires discovered she was Jewish and sentenced her to a permanent death?
Join our hero Donnie as he battles the obstacles of the underworld in a quest for survival against the odds.  Will he prevail and save his one true love from eternal damnation?


2012 Reader Views Literary Award Winner!
2011 Reader Views Literary Award


The Vampir Manual of the Reich (Book 2)

Can you fathom the horror of being chosen and kidnapped by vampires, simply because you fit their "ideal" racial requirements? To make things worst these vampires were all once part of the Nazi Third Reich. They give you a terrible choice, which is really no choice at all. Join us or we will kill everyone you love in front of you and then kill you. Gripped by an unimaginable fear you agree; the whole while panicking over the reveal of your secret, the one thing that they don't know. They hand you a manual and expect you to learn it. This is the terror that Abbie experiences within the pages of The Foundlings. This is the very manual she is handed, and expected to memorize.

And then, to your despair, your secret Jewish heritage has been discovered. In this nightmare, what would you do next?





The Beasts Within (Book 3)

What does a motorcycle gang called The Blood Angels, a band of corporate mercenaries going by the code name The Liquidators, and a group of hackers, simply known as God Mode all have in common? One thing, they all want the complete eradication of all vampires.
Still reeling from the bittersweet victory in New Orleans, yet bolstered by new allies, Donnie copes with the losses and tries to go on. When his cousin is mortally wounded in a hunting accident, He is summoned back to the place he never thought he would set foot again - the reservation where his mother grew up.
Returning to Tennessee, he becomes entangled in an ancient struggle and finds himself battling an insidious new enemy. Donnie must now defend his loved ones from not only just vampire, but The Defiled as well. Yet, his Cherokee people hold a secret that will change everyone's lives forever.


The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines (Book 4)

book codex

What if there existed a hidden tome entrusted to a secret religious Order that branched off from the Catholic Church? And held within it, everything we know about vampires, including all of their Bloodlines and Bloodsources, the unstoppable heads of the Bloodlines that were born and bred in evil? What if this tome held all of their secrets, and more importantly, their weaknesses? And even knowing of its existence, could mean a death sentence, for vampires are adamant that not a word of this information be leaked out. Now knowing this, would you dare read it still?



The Shrouded Sagas (Book 5)


In a veiled world, containing shadowy truths and deadly secrets there are those that speak out and shed light on the darkness. These are their stories.
* How did a priest fall in love with a Cherokee medicine woman?
* Why did a vampire of the Reich take the ultimate risk to gain his freedom?
* How did this generation's greatest vampire hunter first meet vampires, and the evils that befell him?
* How were a pair of cruel and malicious twins chosen to become part of The Reich Bloodline?
* How did a blind medium end up leading a motorcycle gang dedicated to the slaughter of all things vampire?
* And perhaps the greatest secret of all. How was the oldest and most powerful of Bloodlines wiped out in a single night?

There are many secrets that are kept. Their very existence is one of them. In the Shrouded Sagas, you will discover many tales that have been kept quite for a long time. As you turn the pages, you will slowly lift the veil of their secrecy. But beware, such information often comes at a price, and Vampires don't forgive easily. Ask any Foundling, if you dare.





book6Book Six of the exciting Foundlings Series

Coming Soon!

The Lost Librams: Compendium One


This title is the first Compendium offered in the Foundlings Series. It contains:

Book Two: The Vampir Manual of the Reich

Book Four: The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines

Book Five: The Shrouded Sagas


Kindle Version

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